#134 The Overlooked Issue with ADHD


Chiropractic West Bend WI ADHD

When kids are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, they are then typically put on drugs that have the same classifications as cocaine.

Sometimes, these drugs are necessary, but the parents should know how serious these drugs are.

The issue that is sometimes looked at is diet. Reducing sugar and sweeteners and checking for gluten and dairy intolerance.

Then, doing a saliva test to check for endocrine function. They should always do an in-depth evaluation of diet, potential inflammatory issues due to exposure to different pathogens, and the function of the GLANDULAR SYSTEM.

Overtime, stress and poor diet can cause imbalances to the glandular system. When this part of your body is not functioning properly, it has a huge impact on your moods, emotional state and ability to focus.

So, if your child is suffering with ADHD, please consider doing the Natural Health Evaluation with Dr. Terry, it could change their life forever.