"Very friendly fast service. Feel great after each visit. Less pain with the NUCCA treatments."

- Debora V.

"I started seeing the talented doctors at Gardner Schofield Chiropractic less than one month ago. I have never heard of NUCCA and was not sure if it would work for my back pain (mostly when I sleep). After just 3 weeks I am starting to see great improvements and am rapidly becoming a fan! Go NUCCA! I am confident that within another month of NUCCA care I will have zero pain! Dr. FJ, and Dr. Terry are all very knowledgeable of this technique and take the time to explain what it is all about and why it works. The proof is there for me! So glad I found this place."

- Michelle B.

"Amazing treatment. I don't have neck or back pain anymore!
Thank you Dr. Terry"

- Laura S.

"SOMETHING NEW! Cold Laser therapy. I have knee pain from arthritis. I've had shots, gel and not much works. Dr. Terri suggested we use the cold laser therapy on my knee. The effects of cold laser can only be technically explained by Dr Terri. So far it appears to be working , she said we will do a 5 or 6 session therapy. Ill keep you posted."

- Doug A.

"I have had pain since 2016. I did not think that I would find a solution. I have tried injections, medication, physical therapy, you name it. Dr. Scarlett recommended I see Dr. FJ to avoid surgery. And honestly it was one of the best decisions of my life. I couldn't sleep at night, would limp daily, back spasms, migraines, the whole nine yards. Within less than a month and it was like a miracle happened. I feel like I am human again and I can play with my kids. Thank you Dr. FJ!"

- Dystiny H.

"Dr. FJ and his team are fantastic at keeping me going! I appreciate their technique and feel like I stay aligned better and for longer!"

- Peter K.

"I cannot say enough great things about Gardner Schofield Chiropractic and their NUCCA technique. I started seeing them as I was getting migraines every other day, as well as neck and back pain and I just couldn't take it anymore. I used to see a chiropractor all the time but was sick of seeing them every week to every other week for years."

"I just couldn't afford it anymore and time constraints due to building my career. So I stopped going. Eventually I just couldn’t take it anymore getting migraines every other day, losing rotation in my neck and pain. So I decided to call a chiropractor and to be honest I believe it was fate that I found Gardner Schofield as I was looking for a chiropractor in a totally different town and somehow I called these wonderful folk’s here instead. After meeting Dr. FJ and hearing about NUCCA I felt like I was in good hands and found a quality person to work with. Not going to lie after my first adjustment I was a little skeptical as it is not your traditional chiropractic apt where they twist, pop and crack your bones and you leave sore....But After a couple of visits I could really tell the difference that NUCCA made and my migraines went away, I gained rotation back in my neck as well as gained some flexibility back.

NUCCA is all about pin point pressure at key points of the body to realign your cervical spine laterally. When I had my first "long" adjustments I seriously didn't even think the doctor was doing anything. I was going to give him the nickname of Dr. Ghost hands because literally I didn't feel a thing. But within a week my migraines vanished as well as other improvements that I stated before.

Then I got rear ended on I-94 and had to start all back over again. But they were able to get my neck realigned again. The doctors went above any beyond working with me one night to get it back in place which I was very thankful for. I'm actually very impressed with the whole staff there and have worked with everyone of them, Dr. F.J, Dr. Terry, Dr. Tyler and even their front desk staff are super super friendly and really do make you feel like you’re part of their family.

Dr. Terry has been working with me on my shoulder from the car accident and even using a laser which really impressed me with how well that was working. I lost a lot of range of motion with my left shoulder and I had multiple Dr's tell me that they could give me a steroid shot and have PT work with me otherwise look into surgery....yeah I'm really glad I went with the Chiropractic approach instead. We are still working on it but my Range of motion (ROM) is all back now we are just working on weakness and some pain still left over. I also really enjoy reading Dr. FJ's blog he is extremely brilliant, and I cannot agree with him more. I love how he takes the natural approach to things not the here's a pill approach.

I've learned so much since I started coming here and I'm extremely grateful I did. I'm also doing the saliva test to see what foods I may be sensitive to as well as checking my hormone levels. I work in the medical field and I'm sad to say that you cannot get care like this anywhere else and work with people that truly care. Yes they are busy busy but that's good and I'm glad to see that I cant see my primary Dr. for more then 5 minutes anyways now a days. But here are Gardner Schofield I always feel like they will give you the shirts off their backs to help you out. I refer everyone I know to come here and Hope that NUCCA expands and grows further in WI."

- Sean A.

"I love this place! I have seen Dr. FJ and he is really good and now I see Dr Terry and absolutely love her! She is very personable and I love that they don’t crack your body like every other chiropractor does. My body does not react to that very well and their techniques they use is the perfect amount to put me back on track. Hands down best place I have ever gone to and will continue to come here and bring my kids here as well."

- Katie S.

"I’ve been seeing Dr Terry for the past few months during pregnancy and she has helped tremendously. Now she is seeing my baby and I have noticed a difference for him too! Everybody there is so kind and helpful. I highly recommend this place!"

- Danielle M.

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