#139 Are You Constantly Sniffling and Sneezing?


Chiropractic West Bend WI Are You Constantly Sneezing

I am ¾ of the way through a cleanse and I realized I have not had even a sniffle since I started. The main reason is because I am highly sensitive to both grains and dairy and this cleanse has you eat paleo, which don’t include those ingredients.  

I don’t eat or drink much dairy, but grains, I do tend to make part of my diet more than I should. Due to poor planning and laziness, I have a sandwich for lunch most days and many times, also have a grain with my breakfast.

If you are not intolerant to grains or dairy like I am, then get organic, quality products and you are fine.

I found out I am sensitive to dairy and grains by doing a blood test in our office, years ago. Even after learning this, I still don’t listen to the results like I should.

However, this week, after being on my cleanse, I have felt amazing. So, going forward I am committing to eat paleo during the week.

Dairy and grain intolerance is very common in our society, so if you are having symptoms like sneezing, sniffling, upset stomach, bloating, weight gain, headaches, fatigue or indigestion, the answer may be switching to a paleo-type diet with meats, fruits, and veggies.

Give it a try, it definitely won’t hurt you.