#141 Why Do We Re-Xray?


Chiropractor West Bend WI FJ Schofield Reading X-ray

The reason why we take re-x-rays or post x-rays after a NUCCA adjustment, is to make sure we have completely corrected the misalignment. There are 5 key measurements we want to see improve.

No, we don’t make everyone perfect, but if all the measurements improve the way we want, then the body will be able to hold in that improved alignment.

NUCCA is the only chiropractic technique that can consistently correct or improve people’s alignment.

There are scans that some chiropractors use, but those are usually only properly used by BLAIR and Toggle recoil chiropractors, and they are not even close to as effective as re-x-rays.

To check for the efficacy of an adjustment, re-x-rays are the best and most advanced tool to ensure correction and the best outcome for patients.