#42 Back Pain & Decompression


#42 Back Pain & Decompression

Back Pain? How Spinal Decompression and Chiropractic Adjustments Can Help!

Most individuals who are suffering from back pain have pain that is “organic” in nature, meaning that the pain is not caused by serious conditions such as cancer or fractures.  The good news is, there is a non-invasive alternative to surgery! Many people are finding relief through chiropractic adjustments and non-surgical spinal decompression.

The bones in your spine are separated, padded and protected by gel-like cushions known as discs.  Disc injuries are common sources of back pain.  When our spine experiences stressors from our physical, chemical, or emotional environments, our bodies intelligently adapt to these stressors. As a result, your spine may shift out of alignment and create added compression on the disc and surrounding nerves. NUCCA specific adjustments work to correct spinal alignment by centering your head over your neck and balancing your spine in gravity. This in turn will start uncoiling the spine, relieving spinal tension.

Non-surgical decompression is a treatment that uses a motorized traction table to gently stretch your spine to take pressure off the discs. This separation allows your spine to return to its normal position, while taking pressure off the nerves and other spinal and soft tissue structures.
Benefits of Non-Surgical Decompression

  • At times, immediate relief of your lower back pain
  • Allow the discs to receive water, oxygen, and other nutrient rich fluids so they can heal
  • When used together with adjustments, decompression is most effective, and the spine will heal faster

If you or someone you know is suffering from low back pain or disc injury and think NUCCA Specific Chiropractic and Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression could benefit you, give the doctors at Gardner Schofield Chiropractic a call to set up your appointment today!