#55 Diets VS. Detoxes


Chiropractic West Bend WI Diets VS Detox

There is a huge difference between a diet and a cleanse. Dr. Terry and I were just having a conversation about a family member of hers that was dieting by only drinking coffee with tons of cream and sweetener.

That’s it! They basically starved themselves and of course, lost weight but the weight will come back as soon as they start eating again.

Diets restrict what you can eat, usually limiting fruits and sometimes even vegetables. Diets typically have fake foods for you to eat that are low calorie and many times filled with artificial sweeteners, making them very toxic.

Diets don’t work because they implement habits that can’t and should not be maintained long term.

A detox or cleanse is very different. The cleanses I do and like allow you to eat all the non-GMO and organic fruits and veggies you can handle. They typically limit meat. There are supplemental smoothies, but they have no artificial sweeteners and they help the body detox.

This helps your body eliminate toxins we have absorbed by eating, drinking and being around toxic materials.

The eating habits the cleanses recommend can be maintained for life and as a byproduct, you will typically lose weight, but not always.

In short, diets are unhealthy and hurt you long term. Detoxes are healthy and help keep your body clean and running well!