#73 Controlling Mental Stress: Part 3


Chiropractic West Bend WI Controlling Mental Stress Part 3

One important and over looked part of mood control is good digestion and stomach/gut health. Serotonin is produced in the gut and helps monitor mood control if you are feeling stressed out, anxious or depressed.

Taking large amounts of probiotics everyday can help your body regulate your mood more effectively. Usually start by taking them 1-3 times per day and then reduce to maintenance when you notice improvement. You can eat sauerkraut or other fermented foods as well. You can also drink a 12oz glass of Kombucha and Kefir per day.

Yogurt can be great, but not enough to change your gut health.

This is a wonderful practice to teach your kids. So many of the issues our kids have now, with ADHD and Autism, improve with better gut health.

Do this for 90 days and you will be dramatically improving the quality of your health for the rest of your life.

Take charge of your health!