#77 When, Where & How Are You Going to Get Healthy?


Chiropractic West Bend WI How Are You Going To Get Healthy

When, where and how are you going to get healthy? This seems like an odd question, and the reason I ask it is, we have a very limited conscious capacity for self-control. That is why most people gain and lose weight over & over again. They are never able to fully create a new habit or behavior.
There are many studies supporting this claim. In one study, the goal was to increase compliance in a fitness program that was being offered to a group of non-exercising college students. In a first attempt to motivate them, the subjects were given data about how exercise would significantly reduce their vulnerability to coronary heart disease. Participation increased from 29-39%. When this information was followed by a request that students designate when and where they intended to exercise, compliance went to a remarkable 91%.

This next study is crazy!!!! A group of addicts were studied during withdrawal time when the energy required to control the urge to take drugs, severely compromises their ability to undertake nearly any other task. As part of their rehabilitation, they were asked to write a short resume before 5PM on a particular day. Not one person did it. A second group was asked to do the same thing but write down when and where they were going to do it. 80% of that group succeeded.

It is so simple and yet, so important when adding new habits and behaviors to write exactly when, where and how you are going to do it as well as how much time you are allotting. “Exercise Friday at 3” is not good enough. Try “I will run 5 miles and do 100 push-ups Friday at my gym between 3-4PM”. That is how you will make sure it happens and hold yourself accountable.

I have used this simple method to take me from a chiropractic student, who was always late for my 7:30AM class, to a guy that wakes up at 4AM, 5 days a week. This practice can change your life. Do it and enjoy the growth!

Take charge of your life!