#78 Swollen Feet & What You Can Learn


Chiropractic West Bend WI Swollen Feet

I had a patient come in the other day with swollen feet and she asked for my help. Her feet were fine, so the next aspect of the body to look at is the heart.

The heart pumps the blood and if the heart is unable to pump the blood back up from the ankles, then something might be wrong with the heart.

However, her heart was fine. So next aspect to look at is the liver. If the liver gets overwhelmed, it doesn’t filter the blood like it should and the blood becomes thick. Instead of the heart pumping blood that is thin like water, it is pumping blood that is thick like mud. Which can be very difficult and lead to high blood pressure.

To support the liver, increase your fruit and veggie intake, drink celery juice or another fresh juice. Apple juice is very good, but it must be fresh. You should also increase your water intake. If you are dehydrated, this can cause thick blood as well. You can squeeze a lemon or lime into your water, which also supports and cleanses the liver.

These are the recommendations I gave this patient. I will follow up and let you know how she does.