#82 Read This Before You Say No To Tea


Chiropractic West Bend WI Before You Say No To Tea

There is 1 fact we know about viruses: they don’t do well in heat. That is why your body raises its internal temperature when it detects that a virus has entered. We call this response a fever.

Tea is usually warm, and I heard an interesting hypothesis by an Australian Health Podcast, that I wanted to share. The heat of tea helps kill the viruses but also a lot of traditional Chinese Medicinal herbs and teas contain Licorice Root. These herbs bind to Angiotensin receptors, which is also what the Corona Virus binds to.

So, the hypothesis was by drinking tea with Licorice Root, you make it hard for the virus to bind to the receptors in your mouth and throat and if they don’t bind there, the acidity of your stomach will kill them.

This is not a treatment, just another way to boost your immune system and make it harder for the virus to take root in your body!