#86 This Is The Perfect Time To…


Chiropractic West Bend WI Perfect Time


When stress is at its highest, I have personally found meditation a powerful and effective way to keep your mind focused and prevent it from running wild with unnecessary fear, doubt and negativity.

Complaining doesn’t change anything and being terrified only increases the chance you might get sick because stress suppresses or weakens your immune system.

You should be informed, but not obsessed. Take the necessary precautions without driving yourself crazy with fear.

My children’s doctor sent out a terrific email recommending his patients watch the news to stay informed, but not over watch for hours because that will only increase their fear and stress.

He is a great doctor and that is perfect advice.

Why not, while we are unable to do most of our normal activities, try some meditation? There are many tutorials on YouTube that you can do for free. Try a few guided meditations for health, serenity or confidence!

See if it calms you down a bit. It always does for me.