#87 Connect With Friends and Family


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Connect With Friends And Family

We have all been given extra time with this Corona Virus lock down, and I was lucky enough
to have a friend schedule a Zoom chat with a group of 20 friends that I played rugby
with over 15 years ago. Many of these guys I have not spoken to in over 10 years.
Guys from all over the USA, Argentina, Spain and New Zealand connected to catch up
on what we are all doing and where we are at with our families. This world wide lock
down created a situation where we knew everyone would be home and a perfect
opportunity to connect again.

We had a great chat and it inspired me to call another friend I have not spoken to in a
long time, and I had another fun and rewarding chat.

In South Africa, they have a phrase “Ubuntu”. (No idea if that is how you spell it.) It means
for me to be human, you must reflect my humanity back to me. For years I had no idea
what that meant.

Then I realized it simply means, for me to be human we need other humans. We are not
meant to be isolated. Our mind and soul need connection and interaction. Our belly
buttons or “belly butt”, as my 2 year old daughter says, is a reminder we came into this
world connected and must consistently reconnect to others that bring joy, peace and
support into our lives.

The combination of forced lock down combined with the technology we now have, has
created a unique opportunity to connect with friends and family that we have maybe lost
touch with, because of the typical business of day to day life.

Take time this week or weekend and connect with your friends and family, especially
those that you typically don’t see!

It will be worth it, I guaranty!