#103 Herbs to Boost Testosterone


Chiropractic West Bend WI Herbs To Boost Testosterone

If you have mild concerns about your testosterone, or just want to give it a boost, try taking Ginseng and Maca. You can also check out Cordyceps, Horny Goat Weed, Muira Puama, Sarsaparilla, Tribulus and Pine Tree Pollen.

Maca is an herb that is helpful for reproductive health in both men and women and can also increase energy levels.

Ginseng is a traditional herbal tonic for helping men stay healthy as they age. A capsule of Korean ginseng in the morning may help support lower stress levels, erectile function, fertility, increased energy and improved mood.

I would encourage you to take these herbs in the morning, between 6-9am. That is when your testosterone should be the highest. Then take again around maybe 12-2 when you should be getting another wave of testosterone. Do not take them at night.

Theses are great recommendations to stay healthy. However, if you are already experiencing issues like chronic fatigue, infertility, low libido, erectile dysfunction, sleep problems, menstrual problems, anxiety, or depression. It won’t be enough to heal your body and return to optimal function.

A saliva test will tell you exactly how your glandular and reproductive systems are functioning. It will also tell you what supplements and when and how much you need to take to help your body restore balance, function optimally and heal your issues.

This helped my wife and I get pregnant with our 2nd daughter, and that is why we began offering it in our West Bend Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center, because I want to help people the same way I was helped.

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