#110 Stress and its Effect on the Body


Chiropractic West Bend WI Stress And The Body

Stress affects every aspect of the human body. For example, stress in the GI system can lead to leaky gut, IBS, and ulcers.

Stress is also pro inflammatory-prolonging wound healing, inflames the brain and can promote multiple sclerosis flare ups.

Stress diminishes our cognitive ability and destroys cells in the brain, increases anxiety and depression.

Stress has a negative affect and increases oxidative stress and generates free radicals.

Stress changes gene expression. There are 235 genes whose expressions are changed by stress.

Although the effects of chronic stress can affect literally every organ in the body, it can also be evident in simple lab tests that show inflammation levels or even vital signs such as blood pressure and heart rate. Functional Medicine can be a good choice for people with stress-related conditions, as it aims to treat the whole person rather than simply addressing the complaint. Functional Medicine takes in every aspect of that person, not just what is wrong at present.

Chronic stress promotes chronic low-grade inflammation in the body, as well as increasing cortisol levels. Both of these things are connected with a greater risk of chronic disease. Getting a clearer look, specifically at cortisol levels throughout the day with the use of saliva samples allows, the practitioner to develop a course of action using proper supplementation, dietary modification, lifestyle habits, and targeting specific stress triggers.

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