#112 Natural Ear Infection Remedies


Chiropractic West Bend WI Natural Ear Infection Remedies

When you or your little ones spike a fever and complain of ear pain, many of your first instincts may be to call and seek a round of antibiotics to clear the ear infection, however more often than not, simple home remedies may be a more natural solution!

It is important to note that antibiotics do have a time and place, however when it comes to ear infections, in 2013, the American Academy of Pediatrics revised their diagnosis and treatment standards for Acute Otitis Media. These new standards were aimed to prevent the overuse of antibiotics and to provide note that antibiotics don’t always have to be the first line of defense against an ear infection. When there is an overuse of antibiotics, gut flora will become interrupted and can lead to overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria and yeast that can weaken the immune system.

So, let’s talk about some natural solutions that you may already have in your home.

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide. An effective and easy way to use hydrogen peroxide is to dilute hydrogen peroxide in a 1:1 combination with water. Use a dropper to apply the liquid into the ear canal, allowing the fluid to remain for 15 minutes by laying on your side with affected ear up. When 15 minutes have passed, apply a cloth or towel to the affected ear when raising the head to flush out the fluid.
  2. Garlic Oil. Garlic’s health benefits include antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. It also has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties as well. You can make your own or find a good quality and trusted source. Garlic oil is easiest administered with a dropper or small syringe to apply a couple drops into the ear.
  3. Colloidal Silver. Colloidal silver is a natural microbial antibiotic that is made of tiny minute silver particles suspended in water. The role of colloidal silver and why it can be so effective is that it cuts off the oxygen supply to certain infections making it extremely difficult for the infection to spread. You should only apply a couple drops into the ear, let the colloidal silver sit for a minimum of 15 minutes, and allow the colloidal silver to drain out of the ear using a towel or cloth to collect the fluid.
  4. Essential Oils. Certain essential oils such as lavender, tea tree, and rosemary not administered directly into the ear, but when applied to the back side of the ear and onto the front and back of the neck can have pain relieving and healing benefits.

As always, staying hydrated with plenty of water and getting as much rest as possible can help your body recover faster!