#113 The Power of a Deep Breath


Chiropractic West Bend WI The Power Of The Deep Breath

A deep breath is very healing for several important reasons. Wim Hof, inventor of The Wim Hof Method, is also known as “The Iceman” because of his ability to withstand at extremely cold temperatures for long periods of time.

The reason I am mentioning him is because he has created breathing exercises that allow him to fully oxygenate his body. The combination of the cold exposure and breathing exercises have allowed him to develop an extraordinarily strong immune system. His immune system is so strong, that they injected him with E. coli, and he did not even develop a fever. His immune system quickly and easily destroyed the foreign invader.

He has developed an immune system stronger than I thought was possible. One of the keys is deep breathing.

I will not get into his method, you can check out his website if you are interested, but I am encouraging you to make sure you are regularly taking deep, diaphragmatic breaths. This deep breath oxygenates your body, which Wim Hof has proved, is more powerful than anybody realized.

This is also why I believe that Yoga is so healthy for you. It’s not just the stretching, it’s also the breathing.

Deep breaths also activate the diaphragm, which is highly innervated by the parasympathetic nervous system. That is the portion of the nervous system that controls rest, digestion and healing.

So, over these next few days, take a few minutes and just take deep breaths. Focus on your breath going in and out and your lungs, fully expanding and contracting. Then afterward, pay attention to your body and mind, I bet you will feel calmer and more focused.

Give it a try!!!!