#115 Do We Take Care of Kids


Chiropractic West Bend WI Do We Take Care Of Kids

This is a question we get often, and the answer is YES!!!! We love kids. Dr. Terry Mellom has certifications and extensive training through the ICPA, an association dedicated to teaching doctors the most effective techniques for taking care of kids of all ages, even before they are born!

The combination of that, with our upper cervical chiropractic, is powerful and very different from most chiropractors. The benefit of our process is we get amazing results in much fewer visits than most pediatric chiropractors and WE WILL NEVER CRACK THEIR NECKS.

A lot of chiropractors want to see kids every week or every 2 weeks, forever. With what we do, we are able to get kids down to once a month, quickly, and many of our kids only come in a few times a year.

Then, as kids get older and we are able to get quality x-rays, we may transition them over to NUCCA.

If you or a friend is interested in chiropractic care for your children and want a NO CRACK approach that gets results in less visits, schedule an evaluation and adjustment with Dr. Terry today! Call 262-334-8188.