#123 Please Avoid This for the Last Hour Before Bed


Chiropractic West Bend WI Avoid This Before Bed

Sleep is a  crucial part of  being healthy. Sleep is when your body does the vast majority of it’s healing and regeneration.

In order for you to sleep well, your body needs to gradually secrete more melatonin at night. This is also very important for your immune system to function at it’s highest level.

If you are on your computer, phone or TV for the last hour before bed, the blue light can prevent your body from secreting the proper amount of melatonin. Not getting  the proper amount of melatonin prevents  your body from getting good sleep.

There are some devices where you can change the type of light being emitted before bed. You can also wear the red glasses that we sell to block the blue light and stimulate your body to secrete melatonin.

However, it is a great practice to not watch TV or use any type of device for the last 1 hour before bed.

Instead, you can  read a book, spend time with your family or write in a journal.

If you try this and continue to not get good sleep, the next step would most likely be a saliva test to evaluate your hormones and figure out what supplements you need to take to balance your hormones so you can get a good night of sleep!