#124 The CDC Disappoints Again


Chiropractic West Bend WI CDC Disappoints

On Tuesday, April 27th, the CDC announced that if you have been vaccinated, you are now allowed to go outside in small groups of people without a mask.

Wow! Thank you for this jaw dropping, mind blowing report. It is sad when the people who are supposed to be leading the change back to normal, make it seem more like a Saturday Night Live skit.

In the beginning of this, they were saying that the virus doesn’t transmit outside, because no viruses do. Viruses hate sunlight and heat.

Wearing a mask outside is silly (Except for a few, very rare complicating factors). Wearing a mask outside when you have the antibodies for the virus, either because you got over the virus naturally or got the vaccine, is crazy, whether you are inside, outside, upside, right side or left side.  That was my attempt at a Dr. Seuss sentence. Yes, he was much better than me. LOL

The lack of science and common sense being used by our health leaders is alarming. The only way I prevent myself from getting angry is laughing a bit. But, if my business had been shut down or I had not been allowed to see my grandchildren in the last few years of my life, I probably wouldn’t be laughing at how unscientifically and poorly this virus was handled.