#127 Is the CDC Serious?


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In the very beginning, we were told masks were no good. Then, we were told they were our savior. Then, told one just was not enough.

Once the vaccine rolled out, they said vaccinated people and people who had Covid should continue wearing them. Then, only vaccinated people in small groups outside could take their masks off.

Now, a week or so later, fully vaccinated people do not need masks at all.

So, you’re telling me you are guessing. Unfortunately, it seems the CDC is more of a political institution than health care.

Left, right or middle politics should play no role in health care decisions. Instead, science, evidence and common sense should.

A group of basketball players running around, sweating, spitting, bumping, and breathing all over each other, then walking off the court to put their mask on is insanity. Viruses don’t respect the boundaries of a basketball court. If they were going to catch the virus, they would while playing.

Kids running around outside in the sun with a mask on is also insane. Kids are at a very low risk and viruses just don’t get transmitted outside.

Wearing a mask while you walk to your dinner table then taking it off once you’re seated, as if the virus is floating above, just hoping you stand up without your mask is obviously, totally illogical.

I have a question! Why does the virus care how you got your immunity? Artificial immunity or natural immunity should not matter. The key is immunity and developing and maintaining a strong immune system. Which no one is talking about.

Is it because drug companies are enjoying record profits?

There is zero evidence that masks and the lockdowns did anything. Texas and Mississippi opened a few months ago and went unmasked and neither states had any Covid deaths last week. Texas has about a 33% vaccination rate and even though other states have higher rates; they still had some deaths.

The point should be protecting people, right? Not simply vaccinating everyone

The vaccines may work, but there is also a risk. So, if open states with low vaccination rates are having no deaths, why are we still promoting non-sense?

I am not telling you what to do here. Just educate yourself and do what you think best protects your family. But, also respect other people’s right and freedom to do the same.