#131 Navigating the Fear


Chiropractic West Bend WI Navigating The Fear

The media makes a living on fear and controversy. If you can look at the data without emotion, I think it will help bring some calm and confidence to your life and approach to being healthy.

We are being told that Covid is spiking, and that we should be afraid. However, that is a blanket statement and is not true for everyone.

78% of the people who have died from Covid were obese.

96% of the people who died from Covid had 2.6 Co-Morbidities. Which means these people had, on average, more than 2 other diseases or more than 2 other conditions that could have killed them.

For example, having heart disease, obesity and/or cancer.

It is always sad when someone passes away. Every year, the flu kills some young, healthy people and it’s a tragedy, but we don’t stop living life.

The other day, around 60 people in the USA died of Covid, but 140 people died of car accidents.

All we hear about is cases, but they are not telling us that the vast majority of the cases are asymptomatic. So, their body was able to kill the virus without ever getting sick.

The stats that really matter are the new hospitalizations and deaths, of course. The problem with testing people all the time is that you get a lot of cases. If we did this every year with the flu, the amount of flu cases would be astronomical.

If you are healthy, then the chance of this disease killing you is so small. The problem is the health of our country has been terrible for many years now and we need to change our habits.

Start leading a healthier lifestyle, like sleeping 6-8 hours, eating healthy foods, getting sunlight, moving and exercising, drinking plenty of water, taking supplements and maintaining good alignment (had to get that one in there). This is the best way to protect yourself and your family.

I know I have talked a lot about this, but I just see so many people afraid and not enjoying their life, so I wanted to remind everyone you have an amazing immune system if you properly take care of it.