#132 Dangerous Censorship


Chiropractic West Bend WI Censorship

We are in a very scary time. Free speech and the very fabric of our country is being destroyed. We are strongest when we can openly discuss ideas and allow each person to make their own decision and move forward in the way they decide is best.

However, that is no longer acceptable. Dr. Mercola and other health leaders are being targeted by our government and being forced to remove their content from their websites.

When dictators of the past took over communities, they burned the books to destroy free thinking. They, of course, said this was for the benefit of the people. Hitler, Mao and so on, all did this.

Read the book 1984, because we are living it now. When we start taking away people’s freedoms, where does it end?

Dr. Mercola and others will still publish articles, but they will have to take the content down within 48 hours. 25 Years of information… gone.

This is not about being pro or anti-vax. Vaccines have their place, just like drugs and surgery. There are risks and there are benefits and each person should educate themselves and make the decision they decide is best.

This is not ok anymore with mandates and censorship. Big business is only growing in power. It is our job to speak up, share information and vote for candidates who believe in freedom and understand that mandates and censorship is un-American.

We, the taxpayers, paid for these vaccines and now these drug companies are looking at selling those vaccines to other countries, so they get paid by us and them. Imagine you paying for an adjustment in my office for your friend, and then we also charge your friend. That is fraud and yet, they are going to do it and no one is going to stop them.

I would recommend subscribing to as many email newsletters as you can. Search for the 12 or 13 people that have been targeted and subscribe to them.

My friend’s Facebook page was shut down for three months for sharing a study about Covid and Vitamin D. This is insane.

If you notice these health leaders being shut down on Facebook or another platform, please speak up. Dr. Axe’s page was opened back up when enough people sent messages to Facebook.

We have the power if we speak up. I just want those to be aware of what is happening. This is not about health anymore, it’s about freedom.