#136 Infertility in 1st World Countries?


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It is very interesting that, for the most part, infertility is uniquely a first world problem. You don’t see third world countries having any infertility issues.

This is counter-intuitive at first. First world women have access to better food hypothetically, better access to doctors and hospitals and better personal and public hygiene.

So, why are so many American women having trouble getting pregnant and third world women are getting pregnant with ease?

There are many variables here to consider.

1st issue is the large amount of xenoestrogens in our products, as well as consuming a lot of phytoestrogens that come along with eating soy.

2nd issue is girls being put on birth control at younger and younger ages for longer and longer periods of time.

3rd issue is the high stress that comes along with first world living.

For the first issue, be mindful to avoid soy when you can, and look to see if xenoestrogens are in the products you are buying.

For the 2nd issue, never treat any cycle issues with birth control. If you or your daughter have irregular periods, miss their period or bleed for extremely long periods of time, get a saliva test and history deep dive to fix the issue. Then, try to be sure you are not on birth control for more than 7 years. This was the rule when my mom was a pharmacist in the early 80’s. Now, many girls are on it from 13-30, never really having a normal cycle.

The most common type of women to have fertility issues are high achieving women. Women that either athletically, academically, or professionally put tremendous amounts of pressure on themselves to do well. That pressure causes your glandular system to release certain hormones and, over years, creates imbalances if not checked.

Beware of these issues for your daughters. I can tell you firsthand, wanting to be pregnant and not being able to is one of the most painful issues you can go through.