#137 A True Wellness Check


Chiropractic West Bend WI Wellness

When we think of a wellness check, we think of having our blood pressure checked, being weighed and measured, and maybe a little blood work to check to see if you need cholesterol medications.

This is fine, but skinny people die from heart attacks all the time. There are so many people with all kinds of issues and yet, there are no checks to help prevent them.

Big pharma doesn’t like prevention. They make money by treating symptoms and slowly getting people on more and more medications as they get older.

A saliva test is an amazing way to check to see if your glandular system and reproductive system are functioning optimally. If it’s not, you can get on supplements to fix your problem, before you start to experience chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, low libido, sleep problems or infertility.

This is a real wellness check, truly checking how the body is functioning. In a perfect world, I would recommend doing it every 10 years, starting at about 13-15 years of age or after your child has gone through puberty.

Also, doing it at after a very stressful event, like pregnancy, graduating grad school or starting a new business, I think is very worthwhile to ensure good health for the rest of your life.

That is why we are now offering the saliva test test at our West Bend chiropractic and functional medicine office!!