#50 Treating Ear Infections & Aches


Chiropractic West Bend WI Ear Infections

My daughter recently woke up early one Saturday morning, crying and grabbing her ears. This is typically a sure fire sign of an ear infection, in children. I did not check her ears to confirm the infection.

I did take her that next morning to my office and she was out of alignment so I adjusted her. Adjusting her alignment allows the nerves to function correctly and that helps the ears drain properly and many times, this way or fix ear pain.

I also wanted to boost her immune system. So, I loaded her body up with probiotics. I did this by pouring a probiotic capsule into kombucha and I also crushed up calcium tablets and put that in there along  with some colloidal silver for her to drink!

Then, I put liquid garlic on her feet because they are the biggest pores in the body and I also put it in the ear to combat the infection directly.

I also had her drink liquid goldenseal & echinacea. The Nature’s Sunshine brand doesn’t taste too bad, so most kids drink it without a problem.

Within 3 days, her ear pain was gone. She is still draining from her nose, as the body continues to eliminate the infection, but she is happy and sleeping normally!!