#53 Dizziness: How Does This Happen & What Can Be Done?


Chiropractic West Bend WI Dizzy

What causes dizziness and what can be done?

Dizziness is a brutal condition, and there are not many treatments that are very effective in treating it.

Dizziness occurs because of brain stem dysfunction. This happens because of pressure from the dentate ligaments that pull on the brain stem when the head and neck go out of alignment.

The brain stem controls equilibrium, and when it is under mechanical pressure from a misalignment, it is unable to control it properly. Sometimes, this results in dizziness and if the dizziness is severe, it can be classified as vertigo.

NUCCA and Upper Cervical Chiropractic Techniques use x-rays and postural analysis to determine exactly how your head and neck are out of alignment. With these techniques, the chiropractor will apply a very light force to the atlas bone with the specific angle or vector determined in your x-ray analysis, to put the head and neck back into alignment.

Then, after the adjustment, we will look at your posture to determine if your alignment is fixed. If that is clear, we take post x-rays (x-rays after the adjustment on the same visit) to make sure the misalignment has in fact been corrected. Some misalignments go through multiple phases before they will be centered in gravity and be completely fixed.

Once your head is centered and balanced in gravity, the pressure on the brain stem will disappear. With time, as the body heals and stabilizes, the symptoms of the dizziness or vertigo will go away.

If you know someone suffering with dizziness or vertigo, please share this message with them and have them see a NUCCA chiropractor!!