#57 Sickness is Darkness


Chiropractic West Bend WI Sickness Is Darkness

One of the best analogies for sickness and disease is darkness. When you have darkness, you look to turn on the light.

You won’t try to remove or get rid of the darkness, you will try to figure out how you can turn on the the light. There is something preventing the light.

This is also how you heal the body. The first debate is always genetic issues and there are situations where the darkness or disease is permanent. However, this is the case in the minority of health issues. Over 90% of the time, there is cause and you have to find it and fix it. Once you fix the underlying cause, the body heals and the light shines.

Next time you have a symptom of any kind, look at what could be causing that and don’t try to just treat the symptom with drugs. Actually address the cause and get your body balanced so it can heal. Then the symptoms will fade away and be gone forever as long as the balance is maintained.