#61 How Long Do Adjustments Hold?


Chiropractic West Bend WI How Long Do Adjustments Hold

This is the question that most chiropractors don’t want to talk about. The average adjustment doesn’t hold for more than a few minutes, because you have not changed how the body is handling gravity.

With traditional chiropractic, you get up off the table after your adjustment and stand up, still crooked in gravity. Within a few minutes, your body is back in the same position. The adjustment does stimulate mechanoreceptors, which has benefits and releases tension, however the problem is going to continue to degenerate and eventually the pain will come back.

NUCCA takes a lot longer than a regular adjustment and you must take detailed x-rays. This can make scheduling more difficult, but it is worth it because, you are fixing the body’s overall alignment by centering the head over the rest of the body. You will then move through gravity balanced and in alignment.

This will allow your muscles, joints and nerves to fully heal and the problem can go away forever if the alignment is maintained.

After the first 90 days, the muscles will be healed, and you will typically not need to come in very often. No adjustment holds forever, but if you don’t have any falls, accidents or major emotional stress, you should only need to come into the office 2-4 times per year to maintain your good alignment.

The extra time by far is worth it, because you will get better results and eventually save time and money by coming in less because your issue will be fixed.