#64 Trust Your Body


Chiropractic West Bend WI Trust Your Body

One of my main duties, after fixing someone’s alignment and advising them on holistic ways to heal, is to help them trust their body.

You started from 2 half cells, a sperm and an egg, and from there your body and mind developed. This intelligence within you created a brain, liver, lungs and everything else. It is an incredible intelligence that is with you. Your body is waiting and willing to help and heal you.

This intelligence needs fuel to run on, just like a plant needs water, sunlight and fertile soil. Your brain needs fat, your liver needs glucose and everything needs water.

You also have to be in alignment. This intelligence lives in your brain stem, which is right by the top of your neck. When the head and neck go out of alignment, it can prevent your brain stem from functioning properly.

You must be in alignment, with plenty of good quality nutrition, and then this intelligence needs time. The seed does not become the flower overnight and broken bones do not heal in a day. Your body needs time to heal, depending on the problem it might need days, weeks, months or sometimes years. But it will heal.

Trust your body and stick with it! It will be worth it!!