#69 Can NUCCA Help Your Tinnitus?


Chiropractic West Bend WI Can Nucca Help Your Tinnitus

Tinnitus is the scientific name for ringing in the ears. This can happen from nerve damage due to prolonged exposure of extremely loud noises. In those cases, there is nothing you can do. But what about the many cases of people who have had no exposure to loud noises and are experiencing ringing in the ears? What could cause this? And what can be done?

To explain how this can happen, you need to know the anatomy and function of the middle ear. There is a little muscle called the Tensor Tympani that attaches to the Malleus bone. This is one of the ossicle bones in the middle ear that transmit sound from the air to the fluid in the Cochlea.

The Tensor Tympani’s function is to dampen loud noises. However, when the head and neck are out of alignment, there can be a muscular imbalance in the Tensor Tympani. Which we believe can contribute to you experiencing Tinnitus. We also believe the body being out of alignment can be associated with Tensor Tympani Syndrome and over sensitivity to loud noises.

By using the NUCCA technique to center the head over the neck, we are balancing the musculature and many times, this results in the Tinnitus getting better.

Only NUCCA or another Upper Cervical Chiropractic technique can do this.

We have seen many patients with Tinnitus get better in our office after a NUCCA correction and we have seen many people notice improvement in their hearing loss after a correction as well.

We always do a thorough history and take special NUCCA x-rays to make sure you are out of alignment first, before we start a care plan.

If you are experiencing ringing in the ears or have Tensor Tympani Syndrome get evaluated by a NUCCA chiropractor. There is a great chance they can help you. There aren’t many other options for these problems.