#162 Preventing Osteoporosis

#162 Preventing Osteoporosis in West Bend WI

Chiropractic West Bend WI Preventing Osteoporosis

Calcium is a very popular nutritional supplement and many times; it is the only recommendation given for strong bones and overall bone health in West Bend WI.

Osteoporosis means your bones are becoming weak and brittle, so is calcium truly the only answer?

Preventing Osteoporosis in West Bend WI is About More Than Just Calcium

The truth is that it’s not that simple. So, then why is this the prevailing belief? The answer is marketing. For decades, the dairy industry has used the calcium in milk as a huge selling point.

In my opinion, the best part of raw, grass-fed milk is the good healthy fats. There is also calcium, so that is great!

Now, Osteomalacia is a condition where the bone structure is intact and there is a calcium deficiency. For this, calcium is the answer.

However, osteoporosis is the breakdown of the fibrous protein matrix of the bone and there are other minerals that are far more important.

Without this matrix, the minerals cannot be held and absorbed. So, just putting calcium in your body is not going to properly address osteoporosis. Your body needs trace minerals that will allow the matrix to rebuild.

One study showed that supplementing your diet with no extra calcium, cut the amount of bone loss in half in osteoporosis patients.

You need a healthy balance of all of your essential minerals. A simple place to start is by supplementing with trace minerals.

If you really want to know where you are at, take an essential mineral blood test. Otherwise, supplementing with trace minerals will be good for this and many other reasons so it doesn’t hurt to take!

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