#161 The Biggest Difference

#161 The Biggest Difference in West Bend

#161 The Biggest Difference

Holding is a term you only here in NUCCA and upper cervical chiropractic. It means that your body is in alignment and doesn’t need a NUCCA or upper cervical adjustment in West Bend.

It is the ultimate goal of chiropractic, but then why do less than 1% of chiropractors practice it or talk about it?

The truth is it is a bad business model. We spend more time evaluating if people do or don’t need an adjustment than many chiropractors do adjusting. Then, there is the longer time between patient’s appointments.

Our average maintenance frequency is to be seen once every 3 months, and the industry average is to be seen once every 2 weeks.

It is a lot more profitable to do 80 visit care plans and see people every week or every 2 weeks for months or years than what we are practicing.

However, when you become good at chiropractic, people get better faster and come in less. That means your bottom-line struggles. In return, you must charge more for a visit and then hope your improved results attract more patients.

I made a commitment many years ago to do what is best for my patients and delivering a NUCCA adjustment that holds for months is the best way to help people heal from inside-out.

That is why we see all our patients, whether babies or 90-year old’s much less than the industry standard.

Long term, it saves you time and money, but more importantly, it gets lasting results.

It is my mission that in 50 years at least 50% of the profession will practice the way we do instead of 1%.

It is more challenging, but it is so rewarding and there is nothing like being proud of the work you do.

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